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me re: bae

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Recently Kaige told us he wishes he could be both a boy and a girl because he likes playing princesses as much as ninjas and he doesn’t want to get made fun of. So we bought him a tutu and gave him a makeover. Meet the new and improved Kaige. If you have a problem with it please keep it to yourself and kindly stay out of his life. Which would be a shame because as you can see he’s freakin’ awesome! #letmebeme #mumblr #stopbullying
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Pop Shop 1, 1987 ~ Keith Haring
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Jerry Hsu
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the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen

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This will always remain my favorite vintage lesbian art… Do I even have to break it down for you?

I just thought it was a mermaid trapped under ice

If it were just a mermaid trapped under ice, there would be no reason all the skaters above the ice are wearing skirts and are presumably women. also look at that mermaid’s smile she knows what’s up.

the caption says “Are Parisian women becoming more thrifty? Seeing a lot of different types of panties this year!”presumably half those girls are commando or wearing thongs. this is totally lesbian pinup ads.
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